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How to Undeposited Funds Account Functions in QuickBooks?

An accounting software that has benefited numerous people by making their calculation process easy. Early the small businessmen have to maintain registers to keep records of each transaction but now no more pen and paper is needed. You just need a system for tracking all the inflow and outflow of cash. The separate columns for the expenditure done and revenue generated is made, managing and paying off bills has become so simple. The version which came in the beginning, was not satisfactory for the professionals but the ordinary ones liked it a lot. If you want to have some more information regarding the same, take help from QuickBooks Support.

When you first receive a payment, you should use an invoice or write a sales slip. The undeposited fund's account is automatically created in it for further transactions. Let’s have a look how it is used:


  • The money can be deposited in groups and can be reconciled with the bank statements if required in future.
  • Not in the habit of using receiving features such as an invoice or you do not take it in the group, so you can straight away go into the ‘create deposits panel’.
  • The ‘deposit to’ option will not be visible to you on the receiving or write the slip of sales done, any inflow will directly go in the ‘UFA’.
  • The transferring of cash from undeposited to a bank with the help of make Window is still left.
  • It will be containing many collections, QB doesn’t attach the name of the customer with it. 
  • When the amount is shifted to the bank, it will not reflect the name of the person who paid.
  • In the Window of make deposits, the default ‘UFA’ can’t be used. It will give you an error message because QB can only do such thing.

If you are still not clear with the instructions, give a call at QuickBooks Tech Support Number Canada 1-844-888-3870. The experts sitting there will assist you by giving a gentle treatment for resolving your issue.


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